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Top Security Roles

Penetration Tester

Penetration testers are the good guys. They are deployed to probe systems for vulnerabilities that could be exploited to gather secure data and intelligence.

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Malware Analyst

Malware analysts analyze malicious software used in an attack so new defenses can be deployed or refined as needed. The ability to reverse engineer code is key.

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Cloud Security Analyst

These experts are responsible for cloud security. They contribute to the design, integration, and assessing the overall cloud security posture of the organization

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How it works

Select the role

Select the information security role from Cybersecurity Analysts, Network Security Engineers, Endpoint Security Specialists, Penetration Testers, SOC Analysts, WAF engineers, Cloud Security Specialists, Application Security Specialists

Specify the tools

Select the tools that will be used by the role. The test will consist of fundamentals , role specific domain knowledge and experience using the selected tools. Some of the tools tested are osquery, Burp Suite, metasploit, hashcat,adb-tools

Test candidates

Send your prospective candidates the assessment link via email invitation. The candidates will enter their details to verify who hey are. They will need a camera enabled PC to take the assesent on

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